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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

001. 2 weeks ago my hard drive died, it literally burned out a day before my 'big' History assignment was due. As a result I had to spend my whole day at State Library, right until it was closed. In the end, I completed my English book review and left the History untouched. Proving how much I despise the subject as a whole, or the preliminary work that's included but let's just say when my History exam is over, I'm going to be a happy chap.

002. RIP - My three year old hard drive; goodbye Windows Xp, goodbye slow everything, goodbye shitty memory space. Hello to my better replacement that provides a greater memory space and Windows 7 premium. Unluckily, I lost all my music and I cannot seem to transfer all my songs via my iPod. So I shall begin from scratch, currently have two songs in total. What a life.

003. I've chosen a phone to begin saving for, it's the Nokia Lumia 800 in cyan blue. Although the reviews of the below than average battery life is slightly deterring me from it. Okay, maybe I just like it for the appearance but I'll see, I have a feeling I might change my indecisive mind. Sometimes, I cannot believe I survived almost 3 years without a phone, I think I deserve a medal.

004. Saturday day/night spent the day with my girlies in horrible Melbourne weather. Went shopping during the day, the mid year sale was going on so I made a few purchases. Then made our way to a reservation at New Quay buffet that served nice seafood, I loved the salmon, no joke it was on my plate for every serving. I had about 5 dishes in total, it definitely kept me full for the duration of the night. After that we made our way back to our own turf, to go watch a movie. Initially we were going to watch Men in Black 3, but due to the session times we watched the movie, Safe. It was basically full of fighting scenes but the storyline was pretty basic. I give it a 6.5/10, I'm a hard critic.

005. Okay, finished all my exams for Semester 1. First was my Biology exam which occurred on Tuesday, I was told by my subject teacher that I got over 80%. Extremely happy about that, I love Bio but I doubt I'm going to continue it. Today I had exams all day, Art was in the morning. I think I'll get an average mark considering I was unable to finish the last essay in time. Second, was my dreaded history exam. I hardly studied for it probably resulting to shit results. Seriously, I wouldn't be surprised if I got a very low, it was that bad. Lastly ended the day with the Maths exam, I think I JUST past. I'm not confident whatsoever. I got to prepare myself better for the next exam, I'm such a crammer that it's not even funny. Wait... it's only Year 10, go with the flow.

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