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Woops, missed a day.
Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Period 1 & 2: 
All of the history students had to participate in a history competition, I think it's just to find out how knowledgeable school students are about the history of Australia. The test was made up of only multiple choice questions, so it was fairly simple. But I tended to over analyse the sheet of sources and ended up not finishing the test. Meh, doesn't get graded anyways.
Period 3 & 4: 
Had Recreation and Leisure, pretty enjoyable since we spent the time doing a ZUMBA class. Comprised of dancing + toning and all you do is follow the instructor. It was fun at the time but I think I prefer yoga better. Next class we're going walking, I have no idea where the destination is but I'm going to miss this subject :(
Period 5 & 6:
Spent the fifth period preparing and revising for the test that was occurring the very next period. Had hardly any stress about this test because it was only on four exercises but I got to admit the test wasn't easy. Maybe because I'm bad at maths but at least I'm sure I've passed.
After school: 
My first detention of the year because I had four lates but when really I had about six however the time flew by in detention. I love how this year all you do is private studies, at least no more of that diary rules bs.

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