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Lost for Words.
Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Sunday: Partying up at Evan's birthday, lol jks we pretty much chilled all night. Ate some cake, listened to some music, talked for some time and tried to sleep at times. All the other miscellaneous key things need to be kept in secrecy nevertheless had fun with my girlies though.

1D1D1D: (written with full detail, perhaps) 
By the morning of, One Direction. I had seriously zero sleep, and I'm a person who cherishes my shut eye time. So when I came home around 9am, I didn't even have the strength to read my blogs. So I ditched that in favour of my bed. I feel asleep for about a maximum of three hours until someone was calling me on my home phone, it turned out to be Alittia. We discuss more points about meeting up for 1D and what not. Jumped back on my computer, read all my blogs until 1:30ish and then Amy arrived to mine. We began to get ready and when we finished, we headed to Alittia's place where Anna was chilling. Used Alittia's hair straightener, because mine's shit and she putted false eyelashes on for me. After that, bussed it to Sunshine and then Trained it to MC. By this time it was 4:30pm, and 1D begins at 7:30pm.

Arrived in the City, ate some Nachos at some new place in Melbourne Central. Totally forgot the name. Caught the tram to Hisense arena, around 6ish. Got off, and walked around to see hundreds of girls lining up to enter the stadium. We couldn't be bothered lining up yet, because it was too early so instead we lining up for the merchandises that was located outside. Didn't wait too long however I didn't even buy anything. I just wanted the badges, but there were none left :(

Here's an outfit shot for yall

By the time we finished with the Merchandise, we headed in the Arena. Young girls, old girls, parents everywhere. Found our seats, and waited for about an hour. Killed time by taking photos, when everyone rolled in. The lights went off, and Justice Crew came out. To be honest, didn't really feel their dancing or singing. So mellowed out, just standing there. Laters to them, Johnny Ruffo came out. He was pretty alright, but there's a chance he could've been lip syncing. I don't know, but he's pretty hot. Got over him, couldn't bear the wait for One Direction. Had like a minor 15 mins break until they came on. Everyone was going crazy when the countdown striked 1, they came out on stage. Sexy people, just sexy.

First song was Na Na Na, singed along. Second song was Stand Up, omg did that song loosen me up. Than they sang more songs off their albums like More Than This, Moments (Fav), Everything You Do, Save You Tonight. All the time of watching lyrics videos on  YouTube paid off when it came to singing or more like shouting along to their voice. They took singing breaks where they would communicate with us by reading tweets and answering them, Zayn DJed and Niall irish danced. I feel like I'm missing chunks and chunks of information, so you're better off reading this great review. All in all it was a freaking amazing night, even though we only saw them for a a little past an hour. I'm absolutely down for round 2 in 2013. 

Moments - the only photo I took during the performance
Not my videos, they sure can sing live. I reckon. 
credits: http://www.youtube.com/user/alexisbabee01/videos

Yep, I can't believe I saw them through my own eyes. But now, back to reality. 
Photo credits: http://www.thehothits.com/artists/photo-galleries/30642/one-direction-live-in-melbourne

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