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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Thursday: Which was the last day of Term 1 and also Parent Teacher's Interviews. However my school's introducing this time-consuming method of showing our goals to our parents via the school laptop before we see our reports, which I believe is a waste of time. But I was very satisfied with my report, got not lows nor very lows. Had two mediums for Maths and History (lewl) and received an Excellent for my ALP Art subject :)

After that, I went up to meet with my lovelies at Highpoint. I was meant to eat with them but had some time restraints, so we returned back to the old days where we would take photo stickers and play games in order to gain tickets.  We got each a bratz lookalike keychain for our schoolbags, pretty cute of us. Then at 3:30 left for work.

Friday: Made plans to eat, watch and shop at Watergardens with my babe. Haven't been there in over half a year anywho we ate at Hogs Breathe, it was our first time. Ordered some delish Fish & Chips deal. It came with a salad mix and their trademark curly fries, but damn their fish was so yummy. Forgot to take a picture of that dish because we we're so hungry but we had more curly fries (above). Than we watched Hunger Games in Xtremescreen, was a good as movie even though we missed the first 10 minutes. I want to read the books now, but that shall wait. Finally, got a blue dream catcher heh it's humongous and it was only $15.

Saturday: Had a party during the night, it turned out to be a pretty good. Although it started off a little awkward but got 10 times better when the sun went down and the drinks kicked in. I'm MIA in so many of the photos because I was either playing the photographer or wondering around. I hate how I got the asian flush gene, which is the reason why it minimises the amount of photos I can put on public. By the end of the night, got so tired but sticked around and watched the Seed of Chucky for an hour or two. Had the worst sleep, only survived on 1 hour rest because my heart could not stop beating. I don't know why.

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