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Sometimes I don't understand myself
Sunday, March 11, 2012

Like really, I have trouble balancing my life. Right, I'll list you my homework & assignments:
- Maths: Exercise 2E due Tuesday /Can do tonight
- History: Hitler timeline due Wednesday /Can do in a span of three nights 
- Religion: Reformation assignment due Tuesday /Can do in time
- Art: Frida Kahlo essay due Thursday /It'll take a miracle
- Viscom: Poster assignment due Thursday /Almost done
- Biology: Transmission disease questions due last week /Can't be bothered
- Rec & Leisure: Brochure due next week /Whatever

Let me explain the predicament I'm in, you may think it's long weekend and why can I not get it done? However I choose to accept work shifts for this weekend. I had work yesterday from 10-3 and then I showered and went to my cousins place till 8:30. I did a portion of maths, religion, history last night. Now today I'm leaving for work in less than 30 minutes and coming home yet again at 3. A smart person, would not have accepted this shift in the first place in order to complete their homework but sadly I want the money and I'm working with cool people today. Clearly, I have an excuse for everything, it's a bad habit. Monday, labour day I'm choosing to spend the day shopping and going to this L'Oreal Melbourne beauty event thing. I'll probably be home by 6 and left with about 3 hours of homework until I K.O which is about 12pm. A normal person would cancel this, and stay home and do work. But no, I have the urge to shop and spend my earned cash. I have too many wants that it clashes with my education, I need to change this.

My Frida Kahlo essay should be my first priority since it's my Year 11 subject, but I feel no stress to get it done. I swear, my most stressing subject is History because my teacher expects so much. Just got to meet her expectation. I have work on Wednesday till 8 so I'll probably get started on my essay at 9. Sigh, what to do. All- nightering is not a option, I can't handle that alone, I don't know I'll keep you posted. 

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