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Friday, March 23, 2012

 Green came last again for like 4 years in a row, go figure. 

Thursday: This years Athletics day was the best one yet, perhaps because I was preoccupied with events all day. The weather turned out be nice and sunny, maybe a little too sunny though. My first event was 800m, I made a pact with my friend who was in the same team to stay together whilst jogging at the same pace but she ended up sprinting for the fourth place. Leaving me to attain the 5th place but it's okay because I didn't lose to any Year 9 girlies heh. I lost in Tug Of War, Egg and Spoon and 100m (5th place). I ditched 200m for 400m which I ended up coming last for considering my legs were cramping up from the 800m. However, I got first place for tunnel ball :)) except it was only because I joined a boys 'green team' line-up of tunnel ball that practically replaced the girls team and they were down one player so I joined. But damn, why are boy's better than girls at sports?

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