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i love freebies
Thursday, March 8, 2012

I recieved a package the other day of a giveaway that I had won previously. I recall it was early January that I got an email voicing that I've won shorts from a brand called Miss Unkon. Yes, so it took about two months to get to my front door but I take into consideration that the giveaway was only meant for Perth residents and they were still willing to send it. Initially I did not like the short's due to the length and colour but the only alteration I did was cut it into short shorts since it's more flattering for my figure. The original price is $143 which is a price I would never spend on denim shorts, nevertheless the quality of the denim is good as, and very comfortable although it's a bit on the tight side since I'm no longer a size 6 when it comes to bottoms.



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