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I miss blogging.
Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Tuesday: During the morning, I received my school photo I.D and thank goodness it wasn't bad as I what I initially thought. I'm pretty cakefaced but it's okay, I don't mind. Looking back from Year 7 till now, makes me relieved to see my face forming considering I'm losing baby fat and getting more definition. Although I'm hating on my hair though, I remember I purposely woke up early to straighten my hair out. It was straight until recess and when Period 3 came (picture time), it got wavy like my naturaaal hair. I need to invest in a good straightener. After seeing how similar my hair is to last year (and smile), it's making me have the urge to get a haircut or do something new. But I'm not set on a particular style yet. Any Suggestions? Also on Tuesday, I got immunised from some diseases that I no longer remember the name of. At least I can say from the experience that I'm not afraid of needles but this aching pain I'm feeling is annoying and needs to go away.

shutup, i looked like a boy back then roflmao

Wednesday: I despise raining weather at this 'new' campus because I don't know why they don't do 'wet day programs' but yeah it got freakin' freezing and there's no where to stand nor sit. Due to this weather today, they're thinking of postponing Athletics day which I was actually excited for, however the forecast is looking all good for tomorrow. I have a lot of activities on for tomorrow because people from my team colour believe I'm actually good at sports. Which I'm not really, I'm just determined and competitive. From the top of my head, I'm doing 100m, 200m (?), 400m or 800m (one of them), Tug of War, Tunnel Ball, 3 Legged race, Egg and Spoon. No time to kick back and relax.

Already done my nails, didn't paint them all green. Just for some contrast :)
The colours are off, the pink is actually purple and the blue is a sea green, damn camera.

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