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Saturday, February 25, 2012

I'm really starting to enjoy work, my managers are cool and so are the people I work with. I worked on Monday, Wedneday and Friday this week, yeah I know it seems a lot but it's alright just as long I keep relatively updated on my schoolwork. Recently they started to employ more people and thank goodness because I no longer feel like the 'new' crew hah. 

Still consumed in homework, especially hating on History. Enjoy the subject but dislike the teacher's teaching ways. I had my school photos on Thursday, to be honest I didn't really care. It kept slipping my mind that it was coming up but I took sometime in the morning to straighten my hair but like always, it started getting wavy by recess. I really should invest in a good straightener, any suggestions? I think my eye twitched when the photographer took the photo, but whatever still got 2 more years to take a decent picture. 

Off topic: 
I was told on Friday morning that One Direction was doing a concert thing in Melbourne. Let me just make this clear, I love them but not to the point where I have an obsession. They're just so loveable, it's hard not to. Ever since I watched a documentary of them, I've turned into a fan (not gonna use the term 'directioner') but I do hope I won't miss out on tickets. Not going to say anymore, since there are chances that the tickets will be sold out in a matter of minutes, who knows but Louis is my favourite :3

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