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Meow, 2012
Tuesday, January 3, 2012

So what to say, it's pressuring to write up a new post for the fresh year. But I shall flood you with any update that comes to mind. Well starting off most of the tv series I watch, has ceased for the time being due to the festive holidays. So, I've compensated my leisure time to starting the whole Ugly Betty series seeing as I've always been intrigued by the insight of a fashion magazine. Although I've seen the entire first season years back, I recall it being worth my time and I'm already ten episodes in.

Melbourne's heatwave is way too hot for me to bear, so I'd rather stay cooped inside and to feel like a megaslug. Currently, 2 books are all done and dusted and I'm almost finished with Water for Elephants. I'm surprised the book has maintained equality to the deep and beautiful movie. Ha, definitely read the book before watching the movie though, unlike me. By the way, I got a job at Hungry Jacks. Starting my first shift very soon, I'm so glad it won't be on a blistering hot day *phew.

Also, I'm going to be taking advantage of a free gym pass for this summer holidays. Goal: Get back into shape for my health's sake because apparently it's going to all go downhill this year, according to an Indian 2012 Horoscope. You know what I really, really, really want a simple clothes rack. Actually I want a pretty one but for now I shall settle with any that's supplied by Big W. I'm thinking I would put the items of clothing that I neglect or the ones that are too pretty to not see the light of day. Happily, I won a giveaway (!) I win this entire outfit here. Cannot wait until it's in my wardrobe or my future, inexpensive clothes rack. 

Oh. One day.

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