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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Woo, end of the freakin' school year. Actually it ain't that special, I haven't quite settled in the holiday mode yet but somehow I'm craving more for the new year to approach. So this whole last week of being a Year 9, my school annually hosts an Enrichment week that is an apparent assistance to getting a  feel of the years of school to come and to also have the chance to mesh with boys from my other campus. I obviously chose a subject to do with the Arts, which was a project called 'Lady Gaga, Louis Vuitton and You'. Sounds pretty lame, but man was it immense child labour. I honestly cannot be bothered with the details nor do I believe you want to read it.
Concluding, here's the finishing garment inspired by the craziness of Lady Gaga's infamous outfits:

It's heinous, isn't it? However pretty amazing how this was completed in 5 days with only a team of ten.

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