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Update on life and whatnot
Wednesday, December 21, 2011

These summer holidays, I plan to keep it chill with a cool balance of staying at home and indulging in the social life. I've restarted to read novels again, haven't touched one in months since school lags my productivity. But, it seems as if I have only an interest in books that get's reinvented into a motion picture flick, however the real truth is that I can't trust my own instincts to pick a book without any reference or evidence that it's any good. So I've completed Shutter Island, and it's logically great. I like reading about insanity because sometimes I don't think I'm normal. These are the line-up of books, I shall need to complete before stupid Year 10 commences.

An update on my one and only remaining cat, that has remained faithful with me for 3 years now. I love you, even though you're more moodier than me and I don't understand what you want/need half the time. I'm sorry, that I don't know what you're favourite flavour of Whiska's are and I'm sorry for never being the person to feed you because that's my brother/dad's job. I only show my affection with attention, strokes and squeezing the fuck out of you as if you were really a human. 

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