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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Our view from outside of our tent.

Okay, so camp was actually good not great, but good. The key thing, I tried to stick to throughout the four days is to keep clean as possible and not to prolong anything, for instance 'Oh I'll just cleanse my face in the morning' or 'I'll just wear the same top for the night' but I avoided all of that so therefore I enjoyed camp way more. Besides the acitvities was alright except for the fact that we had to work on an assignment, but other than that I exercised a hell lot and took too many pictures of which I won't document on this post because they are too disturbing to the human eyes.

Attempting to tie snakes on the way to Camp Garema.

The view from outside the bus window of the countryside.

My tent buddies <3

Our tent.

On the way to the hill for hiking. Don't ask.

Unintentional hair flipping

Stupid moist flowers that had deadly vines.

For mountain biking, which I didn't do cause' I don't know how to ride a bike.

During a break while hiking.

We finished our whiteboard so we played Who Wants to be a Millionaire.

On the tractor, heading to our garden so we can begin planting.

A goodbye picture of Camp Garema's tracks that leads to a steep hill. I won't miss you.

The trip to get some fast food and then home.

Pretty clouds appeared when I was resting on the bus.

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