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Sunday, November 13, 2011

My Sunday was first spent exercising with Amy around her peaceful neighbourhood. We jogged, skipped, hula-hooped, ran and that's about it, ironically we ended the session with a nice meal from the trusty, McDonald's. Since we were both wearing sport cropped singlets, we got some strange stares but that doesn't phase us because we were after all, working out. After eating some grub, I headed back to Amy's place to get started on revising for my most dreaded chemistry test that is happening tomorrow.

On another topic, I fell in love with these shoes after I saw it on this blog but regardless of the looks. I wouldn't purchase it for $50 (Zara) to basically buy into a trend. However when I was flicking through the latest Big W catalogue. I saw the exact same pair for a fraction of the price, except weirdly it was coloured red but in actual fact it was fuchsia pink. So win, win. 

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