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Monday, October 17, 2011

Not to sound contradicting but my relationship with mathematics is starting to turn around. To my surprise, I got the highest test results (Ratios & Rates) out of my class (88%), like wow compared to the start of the year. I wouldn't have thought of such absurdity because you see, me and Amy were literally the slackest students to grace a class. But then to turn out to have the top marks (she got 85%), it's sort of motivational. I don't want to appear conceited but this shit, is monumental.

So moving onto the weekends, I went out with lovely Amy to in fact by school shoes considering our current shoes have visible holes and we looked homeless, actually mostly I did. We traveled all the way to Chadstone due to my initial idea of re-buying the same pair but than we saw a cheaper alternative so obviously we took that option. We got carried away with the search of finding a bikini  and we ended up purchasing the same bandeau bikini,  but the different colour fabric seperated it. Ah, we're such a twin sometimes.

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