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Sunday, October 23, 2011

My school's camp is just around the corner, and I just happened to fall sick a couple days beforehand. I'll be gone from Tuesday till Friday and I don't even want to imagine how many blogs will be waiting to be read nor the TV series that will stack up. Moving on from the complaining, so this afternoon my tent buddies which are my closest friends decided to go buy some snacks and other miscellaneous products. 

By the end of two hours we were all completely drained of energy that we desired nothing more but to go home or escape our bags of camp supply. I was basically covered in sweat considering I was carrying a plastic bag filled with eight water bottles, shoes, lollies and a packet full of underwear (lol), I can't even comprehend how heavy it was. At those very moments, I wished I had a man and unfortunately it didn't help that Melbourne had a random heatwave today. 

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