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Monday, October 3, 2011

Friday (30/09)
Although it rained cats and dogs, I still had a good time at the Royal Melbourne Show. We  looked at all the artworks that we entered into the show, and by the way my apron recieved second place. We only went on one ride, because i'm chicken shit and couldnt handle a roller coaster that didn't even go backwards (Crazy Coaster). I bought only one lolly showbag because I just don't understand the thrill of buying tons of bags that will soon enough be thrown into the bin. Basically the whole time, we were in search of free samples and cheap worhwhile products.

Saturday (01/10)
In the early morning, I woke up to get ready to head to Supre Factory. Man was it disappointing, I walked out to the rain with only one pair of shorts that I already own but it was too big so I rebought a smaller size. Oh forgot to mention that I cut off my locks, I didn't go for a particular style. The hairdresser just snipped off all my dead ends.

Pre-rain hair

After-rain hair

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