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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Weird to say, I spent friday night sleeping at over at my school's campus in order to raise awareness and money for St. Vincent de Paul Society. It was a night to experience what homelessness really feels like, from year levels 7-12 we slept outside on literal cardboards with only a sleeping bag and warmth of others to keep us warm. Sleeping in the cold, was rough but we had a choice to sleep inside the cafeteria or outside, but I stayed outside because it'll make the experience more worthwhile and realistic. Thus, the long night was horrible and I only ended up sleeping for under two hours.

Backtrack, 6 hours beforehand I had an appointment with my homeroom teacher to discuss my Year 10 subjects. It went well and I also surprisingly got ALP (Accelerated Learning Program) for Studio Arts. Which mean next year, I'll be doing Year 11 studio arts as well as Year 10 art on top of it. So the subjects I've chosen to do next year are (I may not get it):
- Biological Science, History, Intro to Business & Ecomomics, Art, Visual Communication & Design, Fashion Design Production, VCE Studio Arts 1&2, General Health & PE, Recreation & Leisure Activities.

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