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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The verdict on my body:
For all my life, I believed and was told my body naturally did not adust to any weight gain. I thought I had one of those lucky bodies where no matter how much calories I consume or how often I exercise, it would remain untainted. However things changed these last few months, I've noticed my calves getting distinctively large well really it's just muscle buildup. I hate it, because at a glance my thighs are slimmer than my actual leg and proportion-wise it's so unappealing.

My mum suggested it's due to a chance, that I've stopped growing in terms of height (forever 160cm) so now my body is just evening out. Which means in simpler context, I now have to work my ass off to maintain my body to my heart's content. My thighs are getting fatter by the day and even though people do comment that 'I'm skinny and I need to gain some extra kilos'. I do appreciate it but it honestly does flow from one ear out to the next. So in order to conquer this body issue disorder I feel that will enhance overtime, I will have to stay committed to exercising. First thing, I'm going to work on is my legs which will take me to doing cardio. I'm thinking a few laps in my local oval every other day, once my term three holidays begin.

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