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Friday, September 9, 2011

In between my Semester 1 break, I had to go Spotlight to select any fabric of my choice that would be incorporated into my own creation, of an apron. My textiles teacher is all about entering competitions, well since the Royal Melbourne Show is nearing. She selected roughly about 7 aprons which would be featured in the show, and I was one of them. Instead of buying pretty floral patterns, I opted for a plain neon green and a bold black. Although these two materials are incomplex, I made up for that with some interesting trims.

I worked on the apron for about a month and now it's completely ready for the show. Although this assessment made me realise that sewing is not my forté, I prefer designing and the theory side of textiles because I basically relied on my teacher the whole way. This is how, it turned out.

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