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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Friday (23/09)
Since being the kind friend that I am, I assisted my friend with a small room renovation. Which only for that night, was to paint a wooden shelf into a shade of girly pink. Let's just say it was way more tiring than first expected considering we were using artist paintbrushes instead of proper rollers (she didn't have any). A couple of hours beforehand we joined into a stupid confrontation, ate a mix of asian food and junk food and laughed way too hard which made my left and right ribs ache painfully the following day.

Sunday/Monday (25/09)
I returned back to my friend's house to complete the paint job than we proceeded to two different shopping centres. I bought a cobalt blue gym-like shorts it'll look cute when I do my cardio. On these two days, I ate way too much chicken and I ended up sleeping at her place. Spent the whole night practically omegle-ing and chatrouletting, it was pretty chill but I will never understand why some of those people on these sites can stoop as low as they consistently do. Out of like 300 disconnects/nexts there were literally only 5 people who were normal, sort of goodlooking and nice.

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