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Thursday, August 11, 2011

My school rules are seriously getting on my nerves. Like for instance, when you provide most year levels with laptops you can't be in the right state of mind to think that they'll be doing work for 6 hours. It's not even close to being realistic especially in the generation we live in today, and so half way through the school year they decide to have a laptop check. Which means any items that's not related to school which is found on your laptop could get you in deep shit. No installations of different browsers are allowed as well as videos, pictures, songs that are illegally downloaded. My beloved Google Chrome, will have to be uninstalled which will enforce the only worse option of a browser, Internet Explorer. 

A couple of things that I despise about Internet Explorer is:
1. It's unappealing. 
2. It's slow and laggy. 
3. It cannot open tabs by just a click, I would have to right click and select 'new tab'. 

This sucks more for me since, I use the laptop like it's my own and I don't want to return back to my computer. To end this rant, I hate my school and their stupid rules.  

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