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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Last friday, my school *campus decided to host a Harry Potter Trivia tributing to the last movie being released this year. Naturally, I was 100% willing to participate. I was in a team of six, with all people who had/have a strong love for the memorable book series. It took hold in my school's library and when entering, the whole place was decked out with wizard related decorations. Pretty mad, it made me real excited but moving onto the trivia, it was compiled by all multiple choice questions and I reckon from the start; our team got it in the bag. However we got stuck on two questions. Therefore in total we had a total of 15/17 of correct answers and we ended up being drawed with another 3 teams. Leading to a tie breaker match, which had the question 'What was your favourite Harry Potter moment, explain in 25 words or less.' Then after trying to accumulate an answer worthy to win, we loss to a group of year 8s that won some food vouchers but nevertheless that was my highlight of my school week. Ciao.

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