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Monday, July 25, 2011

So about last week I was informed via email that I won a giveaway that Spin Dizzy Fall hosted. The prize was a $50 voucher to spend on the online shop: Material Attention. The first thing, I did was obviously trawl the website for any 'must-haves' but it turns out the clothes are way too expensive than I first assumed.

In the sale section of the site, my first pick was a high waist cobalt blue, knitted shorts. It was priced as $48 but being the newbie at online shopping, I forgot to include the extra shipping cost. It turned out to be $12 for the shipping to Melbourne which meant it all equaled to $60 and since I don't have a credit card or a paypal, I was left to pick another item. My second choice was the cropped striped shirt (right) that costed only $30 excluding shipping so today, I went to my local post office to pick up the package. I love the feeling of receiving freebies and especially on a Monday.

Material Attention's latest editorial

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