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Thursday, July 14, 2011

The nostalgia that followed during break lead me to return much sooner than anticipated. At first, I was loving the slight freedom of not needing to blog every single day but however after a month or so my mind was creating 'future' posts and ideas. I clearly missed blogging, just the feeling that someone is actually curious about my own inner life and personality is more than enough for me. This hiatus made me come to realise that I can never part from writing out how my day went or what opinions i have to give, whether it's posted online or kept in a journal. I will always have the need to vent.

Unfortunately for me, what i had first planned to achieve in the last post did not all become a reality. I'm still desperate for my very own skateboard, I admit. I have been eyeing every single person's skateboard that has crossed my path, making me grow more envious by the day. On a brighter note, I did end up purchasing a camera. It's not exceptionally pricey or amazing to the eye, but it's just perfect for me. It contains all that I personally look for, so here's to no more putting up with crap, quality photographs.

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