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Thursday, April 21, 2011

The original plan of the day was to watch Scream 4 but we ran into a little dilemma, that I personally knew was gonna be a nuisance from the very start. So first of all Scream 4 is MA+15 and practically the entire group was aged 14 but that wasn't the real problem. The thing that stopped us from watching it, is the fact that about more than half the group didn't have their IDS on them. But for the people that did. They could've easily gotten in. Since there was no other movies that we particular wanted to see we rested on Battle: Los Angeles.

This movie is no way near the genre I typically go for, but I still payed my full attention to it so it's not a complete waste of money. I despise movie's with clear fakeness but I guess it was alright and it wasn't the worst movie I've watched. Before I forget, I had a little 'celebrity' sighting. You may know this Youtube star because of his renowned Facebook Rants and opinionated videos. Yes, it's the guy I would refer to as 'Mr Teddy'. He was in Highpoint's food court. I walked straight pass him but I didn't feel starstrucked at all but if it was Shane Dawson or Mychonny that would be a whole different situation.

I heard a story today that literally changed my views and perception of everything. It truly inspired me to be a better person in many different ways. I don't want to get into the whole, what story was this because first of all it's way too long to explain by typing and secondly I don't think it's my place to say it, especially over the internet. Who knew, one story could be so life-changing.

The weather was such a downer so to brighten my mood, I visited my favourite factory: Supre. I left with two skirts; one below and a mini leather skirt but it was too hard to capture a complimentary photo of it. The shoulder embellished dress was only $5, bargain right there. It made me feel all satisfied and happy. I also purchased a long sleeve fuchsia blouse but the picture didn't do it any justice.

Guess what? I saw Mr Teddy again. How weird is that, I think it's a sign. First I saw him at Highpoint and now at Broadmeadows Station. He ain't that cool no more. 

From Thursday to Sunday, I shall dedicate it to my holiday homework. That means no going out but where can I go anyways. Since the Easter public holiday is kicking in which means everything is closed. Undoubtedly, I'll be completing the Vampire Dairies aswell. I've already watched all of Season 1 and I'm now onto finishing the second season's available episodes. It's safe to say, it's a part of my favourite television series.

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