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There is only one set of lyrics that rhymes in Rebecca Black’s “Friday.”
Sunday, April 3, 2011

Last night, I got dressed up to go to a friend's birthday party.
The theme was black & white however people came in more
casual then formal. I chilled in her bed most of the time since
it was so freezing outside and I only had a dress on. Right now I'm
glad it's Daylight Savings because I get an extra hour of shut-eye
however in the long run it's not that great considering the evening
would turn into darkness more quicker then anticipated.

(left click for full size)

I was inspired by Mischa Barton's attire in The Beautiful Life's
last episode so that night I chose to pull an outfit like it, since
I don't normally wear this much black. I did take a outfit photo
and an accessories shot but the birthday girl didn't upload it so
below is something like what I wore except those images are
not exact copies of my dresses (source: google images).

There are photos of the party scene and me lazing around.
But I look rather red so it's best not to upload it onto
my blog where anyone can view em.

background music:
Ultraviolet - The Stiff Dylans

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