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Scorpions are fluorescent under a black light.
Sunday, April 17, 2011

I explored Victoria Market today. The last time I went, was about 2/3 years back and that's when I wasn't into the whole stall type of thing. I ended up purchasing 2 items falling under the category of jewellery. Victoria Market had many stalls selling leather jackets, socks and Australian tourist souvenirs.

A cheetah face ring - $5 I like how my finger is like the tongue of the cheetah.
Handmade woven bracelet - $2 I don't mind having a collection of these.

After going through all the aisles that Victoria Market had to offer we headed back to central Melbourne. Where I bought a feather design leggings for $5 from Temt and a ring from the least place you would expect to buy jewellery. Cocolatte. Then we headed off to DFO Spencer Street where I got an outerwear piece that I longed for since I layed eyes on it in my latest Chadstone visit. Recalling the day, I've realised I finally ate new food today. For example instead of buying my favourite drink (Krushers - Cookies n Cream), I bought the new Orea Shake from McDonald and I also had a taste of the oiliest 'burger' out, the newest KFC 'burger'.

The Cocolatte Ring, It's similar to my silver cheetah one.


Shirt & Jacket - Cotton On / Leggings - Supre 

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