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A psychic sued Nintendo, claiming that the Pokemon Kadabra was based on him.
Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My Easter public holidays was suppose to be spent organising my oral presentation for this stupid English book task. However the laziness made me lay in bed watching assorted movies all day long. I need some motivation. I downed way too much chocolate that my throat can't happen to handle yesterday, so it reciprocated with me receiving bad stomach pain and you know what follows after that. 

I'm thinking to do an inspiration post of photos on a specific day of the week because I have bajillion photos saved for this particular blog. You know what I really want right now, a denim vest. Time to hit up my local charity store to find some denim jackets to DIY but this shall all wait till tomorrow since now I'm going to do a combination of watching the movie Tangled + figuring out my speech for the presentation + picking out my outfit for tomorrow's outing (because I'm leaving at 10 and don't have the time to choose an outfit wisely).

Even though this is equally lovely, it's not the style I particularly want.

I'm looking for something a tad more structured, something like this:

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