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Lord Voldemort was 71 years old when he died!
Saturday, April 16, 2011

I like how I'm spending my first term break. I even concocted a plan to avoid falling into a messed up sleeping pattern, like every ordinary teenager out there. It's quite simple actually, to make it short all I do is watch my tv series online until I achieve my sleepy state. Then I close the laptop screen and fall into a deep sleep which happens to always occur before 11pm however the downside is constantly waking up super early. You know what I realised, that I partially get pimples because of stress. I noticed how much it decreased within a few days into the holidays. 

It only took me about 4-5 days to complete all the available episodes (17) of Hellcats. I even squeezed in a british sitcom, 'The Inbetweeners'. I find this show so hilarious that I watched the whole 3 seasons. It's not everyones cup of tea but it has a similar feel to 'Misfits', so how could I not enjoy it. Sadly they're not making anymore episodes of it and it's time to move on to a different tv show. I was strongly advised to begin watching Vampire Diaries and that's what I did yesterday. Now my leftover days of the break will be revolving around it.

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