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Sunday, April 10, 2011

I spent the day, scoping the sale racks of the Supre Factory Outlet. I left with many new additions to my wardrobe but unfortunately there was no camera present, so I will stop typing about it.

Last night, I watched all the 90210 season 3 available episodes. I'm hooked. The show is on a hiatus break and will be back on April 18th but from now to then I'm going to begin the Hellcats series. Honestly watching the pilot, it's not at all intriguing however since I have so much time to spare but little things to do. I shall watch the whole season. 

My favourite character out of the 90210 series would have to be Ivy Sullivan. The actress that plays her is Gillian Zinser, her style on and off the show is so effortlessly cool. Sort of the surfer vibe but she makes me feel so envious since she can skateboard and surf. I like her tone of voice and how she speaks because it reminds me of hippy, down-to-earth people. I just find her so inspirational. 

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