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Consuming too much sugar does NOT cause diabetes.
Thursday, April 14, 2011

Last night in the early morning, I had an instinct that the delivery man was going to arrive and it actually came true. About 11pm a man was in front of my door with a package in his hand, I even had to write out my 'signature' on one of those professional touchpad thing. Yes, finally my singlet from this giveaway, arrived. It was packaged in a zebra printed wrapping paper and it came with 3 editorial magazine. 

I returned to the National Gallery of Victoria to get inspired by artworks however we didn't stay there as long  as we thought we would like to because we basically saw every art piece a second time around. Then we set off to the Ian Potter Centre to check out the all Australian artwork and after that we left to fill our stomachs. Since being my usual self, I didn't want to be home early so I kicked back with Katherine, eating wedges and talking about skincare. 

my bloody nail art.


Knitted jumper - Supre / Jeans - Factorie / Blouse - Vintage / Bag (worn as clutch) - Big W

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