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Alcohol does not kill brain cells.
Saturday, April 9, 2011

I've decided for a fresh change that instead of always centering my paragraphs of writing, I'll keep it to the original left to right. I don't know about you but for me, coming across a preloved old song gives me more satisfaction then finding music that are new to me. This was the situation when I was visiting a girl's blog; she had Hilary Duff's 'So Yesterday' video in a post. Since that time, I've been rekindling my love for her old music like before the whole 'Dignity' album deal. Don't be surprised if I suddenly shift my music to Hilary Duff or any other 'old' artists.

The day, the term ended and came the parent teacher interview conference. I knew in a way that my report would be somewhat pleasing and also the maths column would be the low of the lowest. I'll post the 'Level of Performance' since I personally think it's the most important and I'm more proud than ashamed to reveal it.

Very High: English / Physical Education / 2D Art / 3D Art
High: Religion / Civics & Citizenship / Geography / Food Tech
Medium: Science
Very Low: Maths

Tuesday - 2D Art Gallery Excursion 

To mark the beginning of the break, I went out with a group of friend's to South Melbourne Beach. The overall weather was nice and sunny, we basically took advantage of it since it doesn't come very often in Melbourne's autumn season. When we arrived at the beach, it was pretty deserted with many seagulls flocking around. We bought chips from the local shop there and ate as a group then after getting sick of the beach. We decided to go to swimming pool since some girlies wanted to wash off all the sand.

Only photo that is closest to an outfit post. 

After an hour of swimming, we wasted time at Highpoint Shopping Centre. Then around about 6:40ish we walked to a Christian Church. It was holding a Youth Group costume party however I was a tag-along so I didn't come prepared with a costume but luckily my outfit from the day could be considered as a 'surfer chick'. The night for me ended around 9 since I was feeling completely drained.

background music: 
The World Should Revolve Me - Little Jackie

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