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A teenager from Tampa sleeps with a pet tiger.
Saturday, March 19, 2011

To end the long week of school, I randomly attended Queenie's 
primary school reunion. I was only thinking of the food that was going 
to be provided but they only had the usual sausage sizzle. It was 
incredibly awkward to be in my position especially because I 
personally didn't know a single soul there. 

I don't understand why there's a massive sale during this particular weekend, 
first there's a Lolitta Factory Outlet sale, then I receive an email from 
the Bardot site saying that there's another sale at the Factory Outlet. 
Even Cotton On is having some kind of reduction for just this weekend. 

Anyways after the reunion, we went to check out the Lolitta Factory. 
First of all my style is completely different from the Lolitta brand, I actually 
don't own anything from the brand so coming to this outlet I didn't expect 
to buy much, my assumption was right the only thing I bought was
this Tribal printed shorts for $10.

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