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The juice that comes out of raw red meat isn’t blood.
Thursday, March 24, 2011

Today, I needed a day off school for a number of reasons.

1. I had a maths test on linear algebra and I have no understanding of it 
2. My body aches like a bitch since yesterday I had a massive running session 
3. I need to catch up on sleep and homework. 

I underestimated my power to nap, since I only do it rarely. 
However when you're in a room that's nice and warm, you can't help but to fall asleep. 
I feel asleep at like 3 and woke up a 7:30pm. Since I had altogether many hours of sleep, 
I shall now study for maths test just in-case my maths teacher chases me up about it. 
Overall, I feel so much better and I really did need a day off school.

About last week till now, I've completed the first season of 90210.
I'm in love with this series; the drama, clothing and the cast. 
It's so god damn addictive that I want to be the DVD and watch 
it again. Starting tonight, I'm going to begin Season 2 whilst 
doing my maths revision exercisers. Ciao.

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