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A Japanese woman learned that her family survived the recent earthquake from a YouTube video.
Sunday, March 20, 2011

Yesterday, I started my Saturday by going to the Bardot Factory 
in the early morning, weirdly I didn't buy anything. The clothes didn't interest 
me as much as usual and for some reason they marked up the price 
of my usual stop, the $5 faulty sections. Yeah then after that I went to 
eat brunch at some asian restaurant with Queenie, pretty nice food. 

Around about 3 o'clock I went to the Brimbank Festival, I stayed there 
for about 2 hours dying of boredom and the soreness of both my legs. 
Then I met up with some other people to go to a BBQ party, but some 
complications came up so I ended up going to it an hour or two later. 
I left the party early due to some circumstances and that's pretty much 
all I did for my Saturday day/night.

shirt  - factorie - jumpsuit (worn as high-waisted shorts) - supre

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