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A cat was named station master of a train station in Japan.
Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My labour day weekend seemed productive hence the reason behind not 
blogging. To not drag on, I'll dot point what happened on each day. 


- Ate fish'n'chip
- Spent day trying to complete all homework which wasn't successful 

Shirt - Facterie

- Went over Queenie's to head to Supre Factory. 
- It turns out they were having a massive reductions of all their
sale items which means prices ranged from $5.00 - $ 2.50.
- Unfortunately the dark clouds replaced the hot sun so we ran in the 
rain trying to get to Broadmeadows Shopping Centre as quickly 
as possibly however we gave in as we saw a cab.
- Went back to Queenie's dad liquor store, chilled there eating fish'n'chips once again. 
- Decided to sleepover Queenie's place since the next day was Labour Day. 
- I actually got some sleep, 5 hours in fact.

What I got @ Supre Factory:

left click for full size. 

Tarten Leggings - $2.50 / Jumpsuit - $5.00 / Blazer - $5.00
Belt - $5.00 / Headbands - Various prices. 

What I got @ Broadmeadows Shopping Centre:

Neckace - Equip / Rings - Diva & Lovisa

The first ring on the left reminds me of Abbey Lee Kershaw's green stone ring. 

- Me and Queenie being the indecisive people that we are came 
to a decision to go Moomba with others after discussing it for about a 
hour since we were feeling fatigue and not in the right mood.
- Moomba festival that Melbourne holds every year, wasn't that great 
for a person like me who is quite frankly scared of heights which 
means rides and festivals aren't really my thing.
- Ended up going back home @ like 2 but I also squeezed in 
some Melbourne Central shopping time. I bought 2 lipsticks from 
JayJays, they were only a dollar each.

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