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1 in 3 women refuse to leave home without makeup on.
Sunday, March 6, 2011

Today was originally going to be dedicated to my homework but 
Queenie asked me to go the bardot factory, how could I resist.
The weather was the best, it had been all week. It felt just like summer 
but technically it's Autumn, that reminds me today i'm officially
14 and nine months but too bad the law apparently changed to 
15 years of age to actually work but whatever I'll still give it a shot.

Jacket - Cotton On / Shirt - Gifted / Skirt - Cocolatte / Rings - Diva & Equip

I have this plan where I'll wear the clothes that I bought long time ago 
but never touched and this denim jacket happens to be one of them.
I got this jacket way back, 17/07/2010 specifically,
 it's featured in this blog post.

What I bought today:

High-waisted stud belt.

Paperbag style shorts. 

Short Necklace. Some of the pearls fell off but that just makes it look more vintage.

If you would like to see what Queenie got today, she'll post it 
on her tumblr sometime, so bookmark it or whatever you like & 
she's also selling some of her clothes so check that out when 
she posts it.

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