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Ugg Boots were invented by sheep farmers and popularised by surfers.
Monday, February 14, 2011

So how did I spend my Valentine's Day you may be thinking? 
Well first of all Google's new logo for the day kept reminding me of how
 lonely I am. Now onto after school social life, I spent Valentine's day with 
a couple of friends we all were suppose to watch a movie but instead the plans 
changed so we walked around Highpoint and I ended up getting 2 rings and
 1 headband. I'm getting quite addicted to headbands these days, I want to wear one
 on my photo day which is this Wednesday but I have a feeling some teacher 
will tell me to remove it, since I doubt it'll be black or burgundy.

I felt the need to change the theme for my Tumblr and I got over the 
whole indie/blurry photos that I use to reblog. So now I decided to switch 
it up with images that I actually LIKE and makes me feel somewhat inspired.

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