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An octopus can fit inside a beer bottle.
Thursday, February 3, 2011

First day of school was predictably exhausting, who knew that sitting in a chair 
for a few hours while playing around with a laptop could be so draining. 
To elaborate all Year Nines received hand-me-downs laptops courtesy of my
school and the government to assist with our academic studies. I believe this 
will improve my school results dramatically because now I have easy assess to the 
Microsoft programs in which I had lived without, for 2 years of High School already.

Oh, how envious I am of this model's hair. My hair could possibly turn out like
this but I don't have the right face for it to match. Speaking of hair, i'm 
planning not to fall into a hair rut this year, as in I don't want to be constantly
 repeating the same hairstyle for weeks and weeks like I did last year. 

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