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Lady Gaga wrote her new single “Born This Way” in ten minutes.
Tuesday, February 15, 2011

What a record, I changed this layout in under 10 minutes. I like the simplicity of the 
overall design, as you probably would've noticed I've been quite obsessive over 
images that are hand drawn or look illustrated in a way. I'm actually blogging from my 
school laptop because luckily the free wireless net popped up right before I was going
 to dig into my homework. Whenever I happen to use this un-password protected internet
 I gain this paranoia about it getting randomly disconnected.

Tomorrow is my school photo day and I'm preparing by trying to drink the right amount 
of water, prepping my eyes with moisturiser to avoid getting an unwanted mono-lid.
I get all worked up when it's photo day because all students in my school 
get a yearbook at the end of the year which showcases our face shot and it's on 
my I.D card for the whole year too. This laptop keyboard makes me feel like 
typing more but I'll end it before you readers get slack.

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