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The “Invisibility Cloak” is becoming a reality.
Saturday, February 5, 2011

Some conditions that go under having responsibility for the laptop is 
to set up a educational orientated blog using the website Edublogs. 
I think it's sponsored by Wordpress, anywho this site doesn't allow any 
sort of html editing for all of the themes featured on it. The main
purpose of this blog is to keep a visual record of what i'm learning in 
my everyday school life. 

To suit my urges of beautifying sites that are mine, I had to find a theme 
with the most customisable options to make it fit into more of 
my taste and liking. This is the outcome after a long time of tweaking:

(click for original size)

Weirdly I can't find the original layout but if you would like to check out
the actual page, here's the link: blogs.cccc.vic.edu.au/thao209028/
I'm not entirely sure if it will work and as of now there is no posts. 

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