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Sunday, February 27, 2011

At 12 in the morning, I headed to Hungry Jacks for the birthday party. 
I haven't been to a kiddie-like party in long-ass time it feels quite
 refreshing actually. The party was alright, nice gathering and all. 
Afterwards I went to the city with Amy, to kill some time. 

Outfit all Cotton On / Belt - Bardot / Bag - Vintage

 At Footscray station there is a board where it displays the time of arrival
of trains it said that the Flinders train was coming in 1 minute, so me
and Amy made a decision to run for it. As I full ran my heart out to platform 3,
 I had to stop and turn right however when I was doing this I dramatically
slipped because the stupid floor was wet from the rainy day and my shoes were
completely grip-less. I literally fell all out, with my head to the floor and everything
 and it sucked that I wore skirt aswell. This friendly 'african' dude helped me up
 and then I continued running to the train forgetting to say thank-you, since all
I cared about was getting on the damn train. When I made it on the train, me
 and Amy just laughed about it, I don't even think my description did it justice. 

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