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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Today was meant to be a day meeting Davedays & Kimmismiles. They're
Youtube stars, that organised a Youtube meet-up to see their Australian fans 
but I don't know what they were up to, they left their admirers to wait up 
to 4 hours. The meet-up was held at Federation square, which wasn't the smartest 
pick of the bunch because there's a huge screen showcasing live tennis and an 
audience that only desires to watch it, not to be intruded by well-known 
youtubers and their followers.

Shirt - Vintage / Skirt - Cocolatte

So after enduring the heat for way too long and losing our patience 
we decided to walk around the streets, well shopping. I was playing stylist for today 
since I was broke. I did my first complaint about my order today, I got a cheeseburger 
from Hungry Jacks just because it's filling and as I was biting it, I noticed the sides 
of the beef patty were all burnt and tasted disgusting, I was still going 
to eat it until i saw this short moustache-like hair on one of the bun. 

I was so turned-off that after I complained about it to the manager he offered to 
give me double cheeseburger instead, and till now I still have that burger sitting 
in my room waiting to be eaten, I think I'll use it as breakfast for tomorrow. Anyways,
 I finally got a hipflask that I wanted since getting obsessed with the Harry Potter series,
there was no floral print in site like the one featured in my 'Christmas Wishlist'. But Amy
suggested for me to get the plain red, rather than black & white stripes.

When I was carrying this around, strangers gave me weird looks. 
I think they thought I had actual alcohol in it, cannot wait to use it 
as a drink bottle for school and seeing my teachers freak out.

Background Music:
Noone Else - Molly Moore

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