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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Yesterday, I traveled all the way to Chadstone Shopping Centre
along with Katherine. I had this expectation in my head that it was gonna be
massive and inside/out beautiful but it did not fulfill that, appearance-wise.
However when I kept exploring, I understood why people said it was big-as, cause'
as I was walking around it literally gives you the option to turn in 3 different
directions in several areas but anyways here is what I got from the trip:

Eyeliner / Equip torquise ring / Sportsgirl armour ring ($1.50)

Colette Wallet

Love ring / Sportsgirl $0.60 - my new thumb ring.

I came across a shoe store that was called 'Spendless Shoes'.
Little did I know that it would behold my new pair of school shoes, I've been
searching for a flat leather oxford-like school shoes ever since January started
and I happened to find it there for an affordable price - the shoes.
It will also be featured in tomorrow's post.

Shirt - ICE / Harem Pants - Gift / Shoes - Rubi

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