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Friday, January 21, 2011

Yesterday, the whole plan was to go shopping at Bardot Factory and 
Supre Factory just cause it's cheap and well-worth going, I went with 
my lovely friends Khanh Ly and Nina. The plan went all according to plan and
 I scored some fabulous additions to my wardrobe and gradually expanding
 jewelery collection. 

From Bardot:

click for full size

All high-waisted and $1 each!

click for full size

Bib Necklace & elegant short necklace $1 each. I also got a 
dress (not pictured) that I may wear to a upcoming wedding 
i'm attending.

From Supre:

click for full size

Short sleeve, sheer blouses $2.50 each. Also I got
a white fitted bandeau and midriff black singlet to wear 
under garments (not pictured)

After all that shopping, we arrived back at Melbourne Central before 8 but 
due to some circumstances we decided to chill in front of State 
Library's lawn eating Subway and sipping KFC's Krushers.

click for full size

T-shirt - T-BAR / Shorts & belt - Vintage / Necklace - Collete

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