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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Last night, Queenie organised a casual farewell gathering since she was 
leaving to Vietnam the day after. When all the people that were attending arrived 
we walked to her closest Maccas and pigged out. I swear maccas gave me some 
retarded overdue mc'chicken meal, causing me to have stomach pain for the 
whole night. When we got back to her house around 9, people started going 
home as the time past but I didn't feel like going home that night. 

Queenie, Khanh-Ly, Sandra, Me, Nina, Wishar, Amy
Queenie, Khanh-ly, Nina, Giselle, Wishar, Me

In the last minute, I made up my mind to 'sleepover' her house. Well 
it's technically, not a sleepover cause' we both attempted to all-nighter. I am 
a person who loves and needs sleep but thanks to the 'V' energy drink. I managed to 
pull off the all-nighter right until 6:30ish where I fell asleep for about 40 mins. 
All night I watched 2 movies, helped Queenie pack and experimented with 
her pimple/blackhead removers (below)
They both really work in my opinion, the Clearasil action pads removed the 
dirt/bacteria effectively from my pimples and skin. Bioré is officially my favorite 
skincare range, the pore strips worked extremely well, I could visibly see my
 blackheads on the strips. This is a must buy. I never knew blackheads look like 
black spikes, click here for a picture that I found on Google.

Jumper - Factorie 
Necklaces - Diva & Equip 
Jeans - Factorie 
Shoes - Rubi 

I'm starting to like black clothing now, even though 
in the pictures above, my hair has camouflaged.

background music: 
Clock Strikes Two - To be Juliet's Secret

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