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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I ventured to Highpoint Shopping Centre in the afternoon together with Alittia. 
The main purpose was to purchase new nail polish remover and clear nail enamel
otherwise I would avoid that place since it bores me. At the moment I have a 
fresh coat of black/red on my nails, It sort of reminds me of the Queen of Hearts 
from Alice in Wonderland cause' my middle finger is red but you'll see in a future 
post. Onto the outfit post, I must admit this outfit is not one of my finest. 

Shirt & Socks & Shorts - Valleygirl / Cardigan - Supre
Belt - Bardot / Shoes - Rubi Shoes

I got this amazing bib necklace from Colette. I remember drooling over it when
scanning the online store. The original price was $15 but it was on sale for $4. I 
didn't watch the golden globes or anything, but I just had to select my favorite gowns
 that the celebrities wore. My favorite looks is January Jone's classic red gown
and then Angeline Jolie's flattering emerald floor-length dress.

Background Music: 
Chemicals - Parade the Day

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