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There are 24 drawings for every second in animated cartoons.
Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Misfits is a British tv series that was splashed everywhere on Tumblr.
I came to a decision to watch the pilot after reading many funny scenes that
was taken out from the show. Just after watching the first episode it left 
me with an obsession, the last time I was crazy-ass obsessed over a series was back
 in the O.C days. I even felt the need to change my Facebook description box 
to 'Misfits ♥' which I have not edited for over a year now.

If you're wondering what on earth i'm on about or just plain lazy to google it.
It's a series about 5 young offenders who are forced to work in a community
service where they all get hit by a strange storm and discover they
each have a supernatural power. I would say it's a mash-up of Skins + Heroes
but instead with a fantastically written script and cool accents.

If your not bothered by adult contents and unexpected freaky scenes then
by all means this is perfect for you - click here to watch it. Your either gonna
 love Nathan (curly hair guy) who has the most funniest lines or Simon (elf-looking guy)
which you constantly feel sympathy for. For me, I adore Nathan from his bushy
eyebrows to his Irish accent. I'm just expressing my love for the series before
it becomes well-known and popular since it's airing on Australia television in
May 2011 on ABC2.

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