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Quagmire from Family Guy is 61 years old.
Sunday, January 2, 2011

Along with the new year, I came to a decision to change my tumblr reblogs back
to colour. I guess I was over the whole black & white phase > tumblr.
When I think of IE (internet explorer) the first thing that shoots to my mind
is U-G-L-Y but when I happened to use IE to view this blog. My site truly
looked better compared to Google Chrome. It's probably the curved font effect
however the only downside is theres no music playing in the background.
Now feast your eyes on me at the beach on this day.

My cropped top had a really cute backside opening, it had 2 bows but 
there was no picture displaying it but i'll wear it next time 
so you guys can see what it actually looks like from the back.

I was tieing my skirt strings when this picture was randomly taken.

Singlet - Valleygirl
Skirt - Supre
Necklace - Diva

Re-adjusting Wishar's dress straps 
Mia & Me

I ended up getting sunburnt on that day, along my lower back.
But it's not hardcore where the skins peeling, it just feels dry cause'
I didn't wear any sunscreen but now I finally learnt my lesson.

On that day I forgot to bring sunglasses but luckily Mia had a
second pair to lend to me. As you can see it kept falling off my nose.

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